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Well Now, I Guess I'm A Pioneer...


Well, I'm obviously new here. I'm absolutely obsessed with classic rock (my LJ name is from Tommy by The Who), and Boston has been one of my favorite bands for years. I own all of the first three albums, and I can truly say that I like every song on them. I'm just as fascinated by the whole concept of Boston - after all, the band was basically Brad Delp on lead/harmony vocals (I put him at #2 overall in the history of rock vocalists, second only to Lou Gramm of Foreigner) and Tom Sholz on...well, pretty much everything else. It's the epitome of "corporate rock," but I happen to like it, and the guy can actually sing, and the instrumental is pretty good, too. Scholz is a damn clever man - an MIT graduate, in contrast to Delp, who worked on an assembly line which manufactured heating coils for Mr. Coffee. An unlikely yet highly successful pair. The first three albums were recorded on Sholz' own "Hideaway Studio" (it's in the credits), and this lends a pleasant cast to the sound - delightfully warm and analog, if you cut the high treble some. On the third album, Scholz used his new invention, the Rockman (a condensed amplifier/chorus) to great effect.

What am I going on about?! The main thing that sets Boston at the top is the MUSIC! They ROCK! There is NO ONE LIKE THEM! The harmonies are powerful yet flowing and melodic. The lyrics are fairly inspired, but there is something distinctly "Boston" that is the true defining factor - and I can't put my finger on exactly what that is. Maybe it's hearing a huge four-note vocal chord up in soprano range, but sung by a GUY, that sets it apart. More likely, however, it's just a combination of everything one could ever think of to explain it. Anyhow, it just is.

My Band ranking:

1) The Who
2) Kansas
3) Asia
4) Boston

...and Vocals:

1) Lou Gramm
2) Brad Delp
3) Steve Perry
4) Steve Walsh (Kansas)

Anyhow, that's enough for a first time.

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