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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
3:47 pm - My Destination Lyrics

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Song: My Destination
Artist: Boston
Album: Third Stage
Year: 1986

And feelin' the way I do
Wouldn't last a mile without you.
When I'm losing the way
The things that you say
Take me there -- my destination

My destination
Is by your side
Right by your side.

And I -- I've taken so long, I know
Never had so far to go.
It's not where you can be.
It's what you can see
That takes you there -- your destination

Your destination
It's here inside
Right here inside.

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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
12:13 am - Rock And Roll Band Lyrics

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Title: Rock And Roll Band
Artist: Boston
Album: Boston
Year: 1976

Interesting: This song is not about the band. Many people assume it is because the lyrics are in the first person and they sing about being from Boston, which they are. Group leader Tom Scholz wrote the song based on conversations he had with Jim Masdea, a musician who has played with many local bands in Boston. Masdea was always telling Scholz about struggling bands trying to get signed to record contracts.

Well, we were just another band out of Boston
On the road and trying to make ends meet
Playin' all the bars, sleepin' in our cars
And we practiced right on out in the street

No, we didn't have much money
We barely made enough to survive
But when we got up on stage and got ready to play
People came alive

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Dancin' in the streets of Hyannis
We were getting pretty good at the game
People stood in line and didn't seem to mind
You know everybody knew our name

Livin' on rock-n'-roll music
Never worry 'bout the things we were missing
When we got up on the stage and got ready to play
Everybody'd listen

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah

Playin' for a week in Rhode Island
A man came to the stage one night
He smoked a big cigar
And drove a Cadillac car
And said, "boys, I think this band's outta-sight"

Ohhhhh siiign a record company contracts
You know I've got great expectations
When I hear you on the car radio
You're goin' to be a sensation!

Oh yeah!

Rock and roll band
Everybody's waitin'
Gettin' crazy
Anticipating love and music
Play, play, play, yeah, yeah

P.S. If you enjoy good lyrics, join as_you_said!

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
3:17 am - Well Now, I Guess I'm A Pioneer...


Well, I'm obviously new here. I'm absolutely obsessed with classic rock (my LJ name is from Tommy by The Who), and Boston has been one of my favorite bands for years. I own all of the first three albums, and I can truly say that I like every song on them. I'm just as fascinated by the whole concept of Boston - after all, the band was basically Brad Delp on lead/harmony vocals (I put him at #2 overall in the history of rock vocalists, second only to Lou Gramm of Foreigner) and Tom Sholz on...well, pretty much everything else. It's the epitome of "corporate rock," but I happen to like it, and the guy can actually sing, and the instrumental is pretty good, too. Scholz is a damn clever man - an MIT graduate, in contrast to Delp, who worked on an assembly line which manufactured heating coils for Mr. Coffee. An unlikely yet highly successful pair. The first three albums were recorded on Sholz' own "Hideaway Studio" (it's in the credits), and this lends a pleasant cast to the sound - delightfully warm and analog, if you cut the high treble some. On the third album, Scholz used his new invention, the Rockman (a condensed amplifier/chorus) to great effect.

What am I going on about?! The main thing that sets Boston at the top is the MUSIC! They ROCK! There is NO ONE LIKE THEM! The harmonies are powerful yet flowing and melodic. The lyrics are fairly inspired, but there is something distinctly "Boston" that is the true defining factor - and I can't put my finger on exactly what that is. Maybe it's hearing a huge four-note vocal chord up in soprano range, but sung by a GUY, that sets it apart. More likely, however, it's just a combination of everything one could ever think of to explain it. Anyhow, it just is.

My Band ranking:

1) The Who
2) Kansas
3) Asia
4) Boston

...and Vocals:

1) Lou Gramm
2) Brad Delp
3) Steve Perry
4) Steve Walsh (Kansas)

Anyhow, that's enough for a first time.


current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
2:00 pm - Welcome!

Welcome to the Band Boston community! This is the only LJ community dedicated to the classic rock group Boston. Feel free to discuss tours, albums, rumors, anything Boston-related! You must be a member to post but it's worth it. Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Boston's official homepage

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